serious biscuits
fried chicken, tabasco black pepper gravy  10
the zach - fried chicken, black pepper tabasco gravy, bacon, egg  13.
homemade ham, egg, beecher's cheddar, apple mustard  10.
fried green tomato, bacon, remoulade, egg   10.
truffled frittata, tomato caper relish, arugula  9.
fennel sausage, egg, pepper relish, fontina   10.
homemade peanut butter, ripe banana, honey  8.
fried catfish, green olive tartar 11.
crispy hamhock, collard greens with smoked onions 10.
biscuti & gravy  7.

soups, salads, sides
soup of the week from scratch, buttermilk biscuit 9.
fried chicken chop salad, feta, buttermilk biscuit 13.
corn & green onion hush puppies  7.
creamy white corn grits 3.

ala carte
buttermilk biscuit 4.
seasonal jam 2.
whipped bacon butter 2.
fried chicken  5.
homemade ham 4.
hill's farm bacon 3.
fried green tomatoes 2.
black pepper tabasco gravy 3.
collard greens with smoked onions 3.
stiebr's farm fried egg 2.

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