Our new bar is open! Come down and try any of our 18 beers on tap or 50 in bottles and cans. Check out our fresh seasonal cocktails and see how much more open our restaurant has become! Pizza until 10 Sun-Thurs and until 11 Fridays and Saturdays. Drinks until 11 Sun-Thurs. Until 12 Fridays and Saturdays. Cheers!

Our unique space is home to three concepts under one roof. Serious Biscuit is the first thing you will see as you enter our building on Westlake. You will be overwhelmed with the smell of buttermilk biscuits! Topped with everything from fried chicken and black pepper tabasco gravy to sesaonal jams and bacon butter.

Serious Pie occupies the mezzanine level upstairs serving woodfired artisnal pizza. We use seasonal ingredients on top of a perfectly textured crust. Serious Biscuit's seating opens up after 3 for more Serious Pie seating. You're of course welcome to order biscuits upstairs during lunch as well. 

The production bakery for all of Tom Douglas' restaurants lives in our building too. The loft seating at Serious Pie overlooks the entire kitchen. Come in and watch all of our desserts and bread being crafted by our team.

The address is 401 Westlake Ave North, with Harrison as the cross street.